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Enjoy delicious lunch from Daily Grind Café in Bath, PA

You'll love our lunch menu that features signature salads,  grinders, cheesesteaks, soups, and sides. Our roast beef is roasted in house and is a must try sandwich. Daily Grind Café also offers a menu just for kids.

Visit Daily Grind Cafe in Bath
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Daily Grind Menu -  Coffee

Espresso $2.50


Cappuccino $4.50


Latte-Hot or Iced $5.50   

Plain, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Coconut, or Caramel

Sugar Free Vanilla or Sugar Free Hazelnut

Wild Tiger Cold Brew  $4.95

La Sierra Gourmet Coffee-Regular, Decaf, Jamaican, or Dark Roast

12oz   $3.50

16oz   $3.95

20oz   $4.50



 Locally Roasted in Bethlehem-Enjoy at home!

Bright and Shady Blend

Peru Cafe Capili-Medium Roast

Sweet Spot

Honduras-Dark Roast

Hot Tea   $2.65

Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Raspberry Hibiscus, or Green

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